Leons is the café directly across the street from the main gate of the condemned and now weed-infested stadium. A prime location for a food eatery if gigs were still happening as they were in its heyday. The surrounding 4 square blocks are a cluster of used car sales lots.
Tenants obviously live within the large building onsite, or maybe the multi-chambered flat has always housed the business owners.

Everything is cooked on site, except for the pies
Leons is normally a busy lunch spot with attractive food that you can eat either out front on the footpath or on the deck space provided out back with a fantastic view of the ghost fans in the stands.
Sport memorabilia is hanging around on the walls of this place.

I’ve seen several people working here, at least four. I have a feeling Mum is a tough English-speaking Chinese descendant, while all the family have strong Kiwi accents.
I heard the tall son yelling back from the kitchen; mum was criticising him for having not attended me when I walked in and waited no more that 20 seconds.

There were maybe 12 pies in the case. Quiet for 12:30pm with just 3 other guys coming in during the 5 minutes I was there. I’ve seen it busier on a previous surveillance.

I took away a Steak and Cheese pie for $4.00 and rendezvoused with a man in the botanical gardens across town. We sat on a park bench talking pie as he ate.
He found it slightly red and buttery inside, while non-greasy to the touch. Enjoying the flakiness and real melted cheese, he said it was well worth the cost.