Next stop was the Opawa Cafe and Takeaway, a busy eatery on Shakespeare Rd.  My helper again conducted covert questioning in the native tongue. This time, the owner is from Shanghai.  She has run the shop for the past year.

Opawa Cafe and Takeaway takes pride in baking their own pastries. Currently she sells 20-30 pies daily.
Apparently the secret to proper consistency in a pie (according to this woman) is to cook up the filling one day, and letting it sit for the next. On the third day, bake it into the crusts.

We ate at the couple of tables set up inside by the windows. $4 dollars it cost for one steak pie and a bag of chips. This was close to closing time and stocks were low.

Flavour notes:
creamy, pale, aged
...and my taster identified a chunk of pork meat 
...inside a steak pie