South of Moorehouse/Ferry, West of Ensors, North of Brougham and East of Waltham Roads is this crest/kite-shaped area of Christchurch. Just slightly right of centre, it contains light industrial warehouses, some residential and a condemned stadium. Rail lines traverse the space diagonally. Also, a large aggregate/landscaping supply business stores their dirt and mulch within a significant section.

 For this project, the idea was to focus in on the eateries contained in this area known as Charleston/Waltham (or skirting just outside of Opawa). Particularly interesting was the merchants that make a cheap pastry available for the community to eat. This pastry is commonly known as the pie.

 Mixed ingredients can fill this wheatflour encrusted hand-held hot pocket meal. Oftentimes it contains meat suspended in a gravy substance. Costs can be as low as $1.20NZD (2016).

This project aims to explore the availability of pies within the prescribed land area. Observing who eats pies. How far someone is willing to travel to fulfill a pie hunger. How fast they can be made available. The quality that goes into them. The alternatives to pies?