Since I don't eat pies, yesterday I paid a man to go eat some pies from the Whistle Stop Cafe.
This very valuable source provided me some beginning insights on pie culture happening at the corner of Shakespeare and Waltham roads.

The Whistle Stop Cafe has been around for 20 years. The young Beijing couple that bought it a year and a half ago took ownership from a friend who ran it 8-9 years.
Their pies are hand-made locally, not in house, but by an Irish cook who sells them for $5 each at another shop. This Irish cook apparently insists on throwing out old stock each day for hygiene purposes... unlike (apparently) "the neighbour's" pies. This next door neighbour apparently walks right in to their store some days to check prices, then goes back over to lower her's.
Whistle Stop also sells hot dogs, hash browns and sandwiches (which are more popular in summertime). On this day, my hired investigator purchased one regular pepper steak pie for $3.50- normally $4 and one mini chicken pie.
Observations and tasting notes: fresh, squishy, dark, tasty, & chewy.