Finally made it to the Brougham Street Z station. Again with my trusty hired help (payment made in pies), we walked in and struck up a conversation with a, at first, cagey attendant, who after a few authentic compliments loosened up to reveal a kindred love affair with the pie language. 

20 pies sit in the cabinet. These, as I came to understand, are offered by Goodtime, and baked locally.
My expert/consultant went for the Mince and Cheese pie costing $3.80. Although, particularly attractive was Z's featured pie...a vegan Mexican variety apparently developed by someone named "Gemma".

The yellow pie eating woman and I had a long conversation about what makes for a great pie. Who's to seek out, and what time of day. We talked about the emotional and historical sides of pies too.

And when it was time to rip into this Mince & Cheese, here's how it went:
An oval pie, messy brittle pastry texture that broke- spilling its insides, "possible older". Savoury, with a good amount of mince. Liquid cheese... not just melted... liquid. Light in colour, buttery and ...enjoyable. The flavour, she said, was worth more than $3.80.