This is the second time I visit the Waltham Road Cafe. I scoped it out a few weeks back but they didn't have the particular flavour I asked for so it gave me an opportunity instead to probe the place further with sneaky questioning. I had a noodle stir fry.

The place is run by a friendly Cambodian couple. They bake their wide selection of pies in-house freshly every day. On my 1st visit, there was a child playing around with toys on the bench top. 
Sales for 12:30pm on a weekday seemed....slow; as I watched traffic drive by sitting at a small glass table outside their window, eating my oily flat rice noodles.

So when I returned, this time I was shocked to find the pie warmer cabinet empty!  I even had an expert pie-taster ready to assist me. 
Luckily hope was not lost when the Cambodian woman pointed out all the pies that just now had been cooked up. She explained that they bake the day before for what will be consumed the next day. In this case it was 3:30 on a Friday (closing earlier than normal), therefore I learned Saturdays are busy at the Waltham Rd cafe/Bakery.

We purchased a Steak and Cheese pie and also a Chicken and Mushroom pie for $8. I forgot to ask for a receipt. This time, a different child played at the counter with a digital device while the cooks fished out the requested pies from a large machine with flat trays full of pies.

Tasting notes from my self-proclaming connoisseurs:  
Steak & Cheese- Dark glutinous filling, smooth consistency, peppery, under temperature, good chunks of stewed steak, soft (spot squirted out while eating), freshness was clear due to colour and spongy texture.
Chicken & Mushroom- oval, flakey, gooey, sloppy, pale, visible white meat with mushroom slivers.