Sunny’s Discounter Dairy was a special find. It’s on Opawa road heading down to Brougham Street; next door to a liquor store and pub. Theye have a medium sized pie cupboard on display with the complete range of packaged pies. I haven’t seen a more confused selection than this.

I asked the kind Indian lady what was going on with the prices and flavours. She was very forthcoming about it all stating that they (husband and her) have appropriated the business 6 month back and are currently trialing different pie brands to see what’s the best seller. I got the sense that they want to target a low budget, mid-range pie and might possibly consider a fancy pie. 

Here I saw the cheapest choice so far… a Delta pie inserted in a paper bag for $1.20. Also they had “Classic” whatever that means. Big Ben and Sunny Day (fitting name) a subsidiary somehow of Goodtime were also on offer.


More striking was her answer to my question “do you have any more?” whereby she steps over to reveal dozens more pies in the fridge, yes fridge, behind the desk. I walked out of there with the riskiest option I could imagine. A mystery pie wrapped in plastic without a label. She didn’t even know what it was. I got excited. It was 2pm. A quiet but steady stream of customers kept rolling through while I sat outside with my cold pie, taking pictures. They were probably buying cigarettes.

No-name flavour: (over-toasted at home in the oven for 15 minutes) Cost-$2.50
Dark orange inside colour, oval in shape. Spicy gelatinous filling. Acceptable pastry tearability/stretchiness. Rich artificially enhanced sweetness. Greasy.