The 24/7 Buns Bakery, as the name suggests, never closes.

Welcome to the jackpot of food availability. Massive showroom, 100s of items to select from, 4 people working behind the counters and open kitchen. Dine in their lounge or outside picnic tables overlooking Ferry Road.

My children and I arrived at noon. 36 pies were in stock. We opted for the Chicken and Mushroom. Cost- $4.40

I will return again one night past 12AM to observe and record.

We dismantled this pie for an arial view. The mushrooms looked and tasted fresh. The chicken was  white breast meat. The lingering buttery mouthfeel stuck around well over an hour.

Next door is the M&M Mini Market and indeed they attempt to compete with their neighbours. One lonely packaged pie sits in the heater unit.